Global Spaces: COVID-19 and the Reconfiguration of Global Health

Clare Herrick and David Reubi, 2021, In: Andrews, G., Crooks, V., Pearce, J. and J. Messina, Eds., COVID-19 and Similar Futures: Pandemic Geographies. London: Springer, 275-280.

In this chapter, we argue that the Covid-19 pandemic is a threat not just to human life but to the entreprise of global health itself. The global health enterprise has been construed around imagined geographical differences about the health of others in the global South. We explore how these presumed differences beteween the high- and low-resources countries of the Global North and South have been thoroughly dismantled by a novel virus that has transformed the problems long associated with elsewhere into the problems of home. This, we suggest, has rendered the future of the global health entreprise deeply uncertain at a time when it is needed more than ever.