Photo of the Abidjan Cancer Registry. A single storey white building with a blue roof.

Cartographies of Cancer in Sub-Saharan Africa

Cartographies of Cancer in Africa. Epidemiological efforts to map cancer in sub-Saharan Africa have a long history, playing an important role in how the disease has been imagined in the region. This new is an archival and ethnographic study of these epidemiological efforts to chart malignancy in sub-Saharan Africa over the past 70 years.
Photograph of Biopolis one-north, a business park located in Queenstown, Singapore

Bioethics, Modernity and Subjectivity

This research project examines how the emergence and globalisation of new languages of virtue like human rights and bioethics have reshaped the government of health and biomedicine. Specifically, it studies the development of bioethics and its impact on the regulation of biomedical research in the UK and Singapore.
The sign outside the Centre for Tobacco Control in Africa, located in Kampala

The Biopolitics of the African Smoking Epidemic

This research project explores the biopolitics of the growing non-communicable disease epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa through an examination of international efforts to control the African smoking epidemic over the last fifty years.